TweetDeck Makes Social Networking Simpler

Are you crazy about updating Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, but tired of having to log into each one seperately?? BEHOLD TweetDeck! For a few months now I have been using TweetDeck and have been incredibly happy with it. Today I updated to the newest release (v0.30.0) and the updates that have been added make this my favorite new social media toy to play with.

TweetDeck is a one stop shop standalone personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening. It connects you with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and more. From one place you can now drag and drop links and photos into TweetDeck and have them posted on the social networking sites that are supported. You have the ability to set up filters and groups to see only what you want from who you want. You can comment on yours friends posts from TweetDeck and have them appear on their respective pages. The only problem that I can think of is how am I going to become a Level97 mobster if I never login to Facebook?

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