Site Overhaul for Local Business

I was recently contacted by the owner of Dayton Tree Specialists to add some content to his company website in an effort to drive a little more Google traffic his way. When I went to take a look at his site I discovered that in Firefox it was completely broken. The home page itself was spread all over the screen and just horrible. The other pages looked alright but had no navigation to get back to the home page. There was no common look to all of the pages and the overall flow was sort of clunky. I proposed a full site re-work and post work maintenance and was quite pleased with the out come. Luckily for me the owner was too…eventually.

Being that it was only a few pages and he wasn’t looking for anything dynamic I decided to just use straight HTML/CSS from scratch and emulate as close as possible what I thought the original designer had in mind when he first created the site. Something that made the design of it easier for me because A) I didn’t have to put much thought into designing anything, and B) I knew that if the owner liked what was there before he would also be happy with the slightly tweaked, better flowing end result. The only totally new thing that I added was Light Box2 a nifty little JavaScript application developed by Lokesh Dhakar. I had everything working great on the various browsers and emailed the owner to let him know that all work was complete. He called me about an hour later to inform me that it looked terrible! The issues really confused me because I had tested it so many times in so many browsers, and then it dawned on me. I asked him what version of IE he was using and it became crystal clear. IE6 ahhhh! Fighting back the urge to attempt to explain what a turd of a browser he was dealing with I hung up the phone and made the necessary adjustments that never even crossed my mind while coding it up originally.

The moral of the story always double check in every browser (If you don’t have IE6 you can check your page at IE net renderer You can also check it in IE7 and 5.5), especially when your client is is accustomed to wielding a chainsaw. Take a look for yourself, I would love your feedback!

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