My Own Worst Enemy

So, I really want to use my newly formed blog as a place not only to ramble on senselessly about things but I also want to use it as a place to showcase some of the things that I am learning about web design and digital media as a whole. That being said I think it is only right to design and create my overall theme myself. There is only one problem that I am finding in that…turns out I don’t really like most of the design ideas that I come up with. Up to this point, anything that I have done for other people always seems to make them happy, which makes me happy. However, now that am the one trying to figure how I want things to look AND figure out how to make it possible, I am having a much harder time of it. I was reading a post on John Mayer’s site where he was talking about the trials and tribulations of being a songwriter and producer, and how he has to make sure that right or wrong he is putting something down on paper. I am paraphrasing of course, but I really took something from that. I used to work for my father and he would always say, “right or wrong, do something”, and I think I am finally figuring out what he was talking about. Up to this point I always thought he was just trying to politely tell me to get my ass to work. But it was more than that. You can learn more by doing something wrong and starting again, than you can by doing nothing at all. I am sure that my first layout and design for this thing will not stick around long because I have already grown tired of looking at it myself. But, it has inspired a few other ideas as well as opened my eyes to other things that never really crossed my mind.

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