A New Look For Trade Mark

Trade Mark Drafting

One of the first sites that I ever built was for Trade Mark Consulting & Contracting, which is also the company that I am currently employed with. I was excited to work together with Jason again to bring a new face to our company website. This new look is in an effort to match the newest round of banner ads that I put together for our internet advertising campaign. Jason’s main request was to keep things along the same clean and simple lines that our customers are accustomed to seeing. I was able to accomplish this and still at the same time bring breathe a little new life into a site that had remained unchanged for quite sometime. Click the image to view the website in it’s entirety.

The website is “proudly powered” by the wordpress platform, and features a custom theme created by yours truly. The header image was from a photo that I took in our office of one of the scales that I use everyday. The color scheme is based on the companies colors, and the logo was created by owner Jason for the first website that I created for him. Please feel free to drop me line and give me your thoughts, I would love your feedback.

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